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2000 Alameda Padre Serra St

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Designation Status: Designated City Landmark

Assessor Parcel Number: 019-164-001

Historic Name: Normal School Waiting Station

Constructed: 1913

Property Description:

This is a one-story rectangular open-sided, hipped roofed shelter. The wood shingled hip roof is supported by four wood posts with diagonal braces near the top and a wood slat railing around the base. The elevated wood framed floor structure rests on sandstone piers placed at the four corners. A single wood setp provides access into the shelter. Simple wood benches line the back and two sides of the shelter. The wood beamed framing of the roof structure is visible from underneath. Modern concrete pavement surrounds the shelter and a steel pole supporting a MTD bus stop sign is located just to the east of the shelter. To the rear of the shelter is a rough-cut sandstone retaining wall with mortarless joints, which rises to a height of about 24-inches. A public park with abundant vegetation surrounds the shelter on three sides.


Architectural Style: Vernacular

Property Type: Streetcar shelter

Original Use: streetcar platform


This property is a Santa Barbara City Landmark Resolution 99-021, designated in 1999.

Thumb 2000 alameda padre serra

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