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350 Loma Alta Dr

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Designation Status: Designated City Landmark

Assessor Parcel Number: 035-280-012

Historic Name: McKinley Elementary School and portion of Grounds

Constructed: 1931

Property Description:

Building features include a red tile roof, door arches, tower, decorative tile, stucco walls, chimney top and focal windows making it a perfect example of the period's architecture. The one story building with communication through open cloisters depended upon its mass, color, and proportion for interest rather than ornamental detail.

Architect: Soule, Murphy and Hastings

Architectural Style: Mediterranean

Property Type: School

Original Use: Elementary School


Designated City of Santa Barbara Landmark (07/20/1993).

The McKinley Elementary School is the design of renowned architectural firm, Soule, Murphy and Hastings in the Spanish Colonial Revival style. Prominent landscape architect Ralph Stevens designed the landscaping and sidewalks. In 1979, the school closed due to low enrollment, but reopened again in 1986 after rehabilitation efforts.

Significant as a City Landmark as per City Council findings (Resolution No. 93-0810) by the following criteria:

A. Its character, interest or value as a significant part of the heritage of the City, the State or the Nation. Because the schoolis designed by locally significant firm Soule, Murphy, and Hastings, and because of its exemplification of Mediterranean architectural style, the McKinley Elementary School is significant to the heritage of the City.
C. Its identification with a person or persons (Paul E Stewart, Grover C Drake, Frederick Forrest Peabody, Jane A Weldon, Ralph Stevens, and Soule, Murphy, and Hastings) who significantly contributed to the culture and development of the City, the State, or the Nation;
D. Its exemplification of a particular architectural style (Mediterranean) or way of life important to the City, the State, or the Nation;
E. Its exemplification of the best remaining architectural type (Mediterranean) in a neighborhood;
F. Its identification as the creation, design, or work of a person or persons (Soule, Murphy, and Hastings) whose effort significantly influenced the heritage of the City, the State, or the Nation;
G. Its embodiment of elements demonstrating outstanding attention to architectural design, detail, materials and craftsmanship;
I. Its unique location or singular characteristic representing an established and familiar visual feature of a neighborhood.

Thumb 350 loma alta dr

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