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2210 Hudson Dr

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Designation Status: Designated City Landmark

Assessor Parcel Number: 041-326-006

Historic Name: Charles Pressley House

Constructed: 1924

Property Description:

The one-story stuccoed dwelling is constructed of adobe bricks and designed in a provincial Spanish Colonial Revival style. The structure is a modified H-shape, with a tile gabled roof. The main front door has narrow planks; all trim is wood painted in faded Santa Barbara Blue.


Architectural Style: Spanish Colonial Revival

Property Type: Single Family Residence

Original Use: SFH


Designated City of Santa Barbara Landmark (11/06/1990).

The Pressley House is an adobe brick building in the Spanish Colonial style known for its connection with Charles Pressely. Charles Pressley became prominently associated with Santa Barbara's Old Spanish Days Fiesta, beginning with the first modern fiesta in 1924, the year he built the Hudson Dr. residence. He served on the board as chairman, vice president, and managing director, and he provided the entertainment for the festival.

Significant as a City Landmark as per City Council findings (Resolution No. 90-186) by the following criteria:

A. Its character, interest or value as a significant part of the heritage of the City, the State or the Nation. Because the house is a unique adobe structure in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, and because the house is associated with Charles Pressley, the first president of the Old Spanish Days fiesta, the Charles Pressley House is significant to the heritage of the City.
C. Its identification with a person or persons (Charles Pressley) who significantly contributed to the culture and development of the City, the State, or the Nation;
D. Its exemplification of a particular architectural style (Adobe Spanish Colonial Revival) or way of life important to the City, the State, or the Nation;
G. Its embodiment of elements demonstrating outstanding attention to architectural design, detail, materials and craftsmanship;
I. Its unique location or singular characteristic representing an established and familiar visual feature of a neighborhood.

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