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609 Castillo St

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Designation Status:

Assessor Parcel Number: 037-112-007

Historic Name:

Constructed: 1904

Property Description:

Two dwellings are located on the lot. The secondary dwelling is not visible enough from the street to properly describe. The main dwelling rests on a raised foundation with an irregular footprint. The cross hipped roof is covered with composition shingles and the eaves are open. The walls are clad with shingles from the window sill and lapped wood boards below. The front entrance is recessed under the principle roof in the center of the street-facing east facade. All of the windows visible on the north, south, and east facade have transomed windows displaying decorative upper sashes with elongated diamond shaped lights over a one light sash. The windows on the rear addition are metal sliders. The front doors are wood panel.


Architectural Style: National

Property Type: Residential

Original Use: SFR


The subject property is located on Block 215, lot 35. Following the death of Thomas B. Dibblee in 1895, the Dibblee Estate sold the block which was formally subdivided by 1904. This property is one of five one-story dwellings to be constructed together by the Mission Contracts & Builds Company. The permit was approved by the City on April 22, 1904. It appears that these dwellings may have been used to showcase the builder’s skills to potential clients. From August 1904 to November 1905 the company constructed five additional dwellings and one final dwelling in October 1905. This brings the total number of dwellings constructed by Mission Contracts & Builds Company in the district to 11; nine of which are located in Block 215. The five dwellings along Castillo Street (601, 605, 609, 611, 617) are the only known example of speculative building in the West Downtown study area and are significant resources in their own right for development of patterned buildings. In 1912, the Barry map reflects that George Frank Nidever was the property owner. Frances Mary Nidever is the spouse/owner that signed the permit for the construction of 609 1/2 Castillo Street at the back of the lot in 1917. No significant biographical information could be obtained.

With the exception of the rear addition, the dwelling does not appear to have any significant alterations and does retain integrity of location, setting, feeling, design, materials, workmanship, and association. The building is a significant contributor to the district as part of the only speculative building project to occur in the district and for its intact architectural features. Therefore, the property does appear to meet the requirements for listing as a Structure of Merit for the City of Santa Barbara under the following criteria: 3d, it exemplification of a particular architectural style or way of life important to the City; 3g, its embodiment of elements demonstrating outstanding attention to architectural design, detail, materials, or craftsmanship; and 6, any structure, site, or object that conveys an important sense of time and place, or contributes to the overall visual character of the Castillo Street Historic District.


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