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100 E Micheltorena St

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Designation Status: Designated City Landmark

Assessor Parcel Number: 029-011-001

Historic Name: Alameda Plaza Bandstand

Constructed: 1888

Property Description:

The octagonal bandstand has octagonal roof with carved supports under the wide overhange. The peeling composition roof has a scalloped edge. A rasied floor 6 feet fromt eh ground is served by an 8 foot wide stairway.


Architectural Style: Folk Victorian

Property Type: Recreational

Original Use: Bandstand


Designated City of Santa Barbara Landmark (12/16/1980).

The Victorian era style bandstand was constructed in 1888 at the behest of the public's desire for a bandstand, publicized in a December 1887 newspaper story.

Significant as a City Landmark as per City Council findings (Resolution No. 80-147) by the following criteria:

A. Its character, interest or value as a significant part of the heritage of the City, the State or the Nation. Because the bandstand continues to be a venue for music and entertainment more than a century after its construction, the bandstand is significant to the heritage of the City.
D. Its exemplification of a particular architectural style (Victorian) or way of life important to the City, the State, or the Nation;
G. Its embodiment of elements demonstrating outstanding attention to architectural design, detail, materials and craftsmanship;
I. Its unique location or singular characteristic representing an established and familiar visual feature of a neighborhood.

Thumb 100 e micheltorena st

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