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2311 Santa Barbara St.

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Designation Status: Structure of Merit

Assessor Parcel Number: 025-131-007

Historic Name:

Constructed: 1922

Property Description:

The Edwards residence, designed by William A. Edwards, is a one-and two-story stucco clad house with English cottage stylistic features. It has been variously described as a country cottage, with Prairie-style window placement under the eaves and Spanish Colonial Revival massing. Architectural historian David Gebhard describes it as "illustrative of the changeover from the Spanish of the 1920s to the Monterey Revival of the 1930s." This last description may derive from the fact that at the rear of the second story addition there is a Monterey style overhanging element.
The house is irregular in shape with a two-story main block with one-story wings extending to the north, south, and west. A front-gabled small bay extends from the east (front) elevation. The hipped and gabled roofs, with open rounded rafters, shingle roof, low overhang, and casement windows with wooden blinds are reminiscent of a cottage.
The two-car garage, at the rear of the house and the end of a paved driveway, is a one-story wood-frame building clad in board-and-batten siding. The flat roof is topped by green rolled roofing. The two overhead garage doors are ribbed metal. A shed-roof wing extends to the west (rear). The area between the main block and the wing has been infilled with a small flat-roof gardening room, clad in flush board siding. This room has sliding windows in wood sash and a wood plank door. At some time, according to the Sanborn Map of 1930, there was an irregular shaped porch at the rear of the garage, which has since been removed.

Architect: William A. Edwards, of Edwards, Plunkett, & Howell

Architectural Style: Spanish Colonial Revival

Property Type: Residential

Original Use: Single Family Residence


The Historic Landmarks Commission designated the building as a Structure of Merit on May 16, 2018 as it meets the following criteria provided by the Municipal Code, Section 22.22.040 as per the Historic Structures Report that was accepted by the Historic Landmarks Commission in 1999:

Criterion F. Its identification as the creation, design, or work of a person or persons whose effort has significantly influenced the heritage of the City, the State or the Nation:
As a result of the 1980 architectural survey, the residence at 2311 Santa Barbara Street was declared eligible for lisitng on the State Historic Inventory. It was deemed significant for its architecture, both for its style and its architect/owner, William Albert Edwards, of the firm Edwards, Plunkett, & Howell, from 1925 to 1929 and Edwards & Plunkett from 1929 to 1939. During the period when Edwards built his house, he was practicing along, after graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in 1912 and the opening of his office in 1919 in Santa Barbara. Both the firms with which he was associated designed many of the notable Spanish Colonial Revival buildings in downtown Santa Barbara after the 1925 earthquake, including the Copper Coffee Pot (now Aldo's Restaurant), the News Press building, the Fox-Arlington Theater, National Guard Armory, Santa Barbara Airport Terminal, and Medical Arts Building. His house at 2311 Santa Barbara Street would be elegible as a City Structure of Merit under Criterion F as the architect-designed home of William Edwards.

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