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1 Hot Springs Rd

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Designation Status: Designated City Landmark

Assessor Parcel Number: 017-393-002

Historic Name: Charles Caldwell Park Watering Trough and Fountain

Constructed: 1911-1912

Property Description:

The fountain consists of a vertical slab placed at the center edge of a semi-circular bench. A lion's head was the source of water which streamed into the horses' trough basin at the front of the slab. A non-functioning fountain for people is on the opposite side of the slab.

Architect: Francis W. Wilson

Architectural Style: Beaux Arts

Property Type:

Original Use:


Designated City of Santa Barbara Landmark (01/12/1982).

Dr. C. C. Park, of the prominent Park family of Montecito, announced in late 1910 that he would donate "a beautiful stone drinking fountain for man and beast" to the city. The fountain was designed in the Beaux Art style by Francis W. Wilson in 1910, and in 1912 the City Park Board paid for improvements around it.

Significant as a City Landmark as per City Council findings (Resolution No. 82-004) by the following criteria:

A. Its character, interest or value as a significant part of the heritage of the City, the State or the Nation. Because the the trough and fountain is of Beaux Art design unique to the City, because it was donated by a prominent Montecity family (the Parks), and because the fountain was dsigned by a prominent local architect, the fountain and trough is significant to the City's heritage.
C. Its identification with a person or persons (Dr. CC Park, Franics Wilson) who significantly contributed to the culture and development of the City, the State, or the Nation;
F. Its identification as the creation, design, or work of a person or persons (Francis W Wilson) whose effort significantly influenced the heritage of the City, the State, or the Nation;
I. Its unique location or singular characteristic representing an established and familiar visual feature of a neighborhood.

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