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121 E Arrellaga St

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Designation Status: Designated City Landmark

Assessor Parcel Number: 027-191-005

Historic Name: Simpson House

Constructed: 1874-1875

Property Description:

This two story, L-shaped, Eastlake (originally Italianate) house dates to approximately the same period as its neighbor to the east. Although less decorative, it is still relatively unaltered with its original, wide, shiplap siding, low gabled roof with boxed cornices and small brackets. The entrance is located in the corner of the "L" beyond a porch which encloses this section. The flat roof of the porch has been converted into a second story balcony area. A one story slanted three-sided bay window with hipped, wooden roof is located in the southern section of the "L". Fenestration consists of wooden, double hung windows outlined with boards in an Eastlake manner. The house retains the integrity of its site; curving paths lead to the entrance through wrought iron gates, tall hedges screen the building from the street, sandstone walls line the sidewalk, and fir trees dot the grounds.


Architectural Style: Eastlake

Property Type: Hotel - Bed & Breakfast

Original Use: residence


Designated City of Santa Barbara Landmark (04/06/1993).

City Council Findings:
a. It has character, interest and value as a significant part of the heritage of the city;
b. It exemplifies a particular architectural style (Eastlake Victorian) important to the city and the state;
c. It is one of the best remaining architectural type (1870s Victorian) in a neighborhood;
d. It embodies elements demonstrating outstanding attention to architectural design, detail, materials and craftmanship, reflected in careful restoration;
e. Its unique location or singular physical characteristic representing an established and familiar visual feature of the Upper East Side neighborhood.

The presumed original owner of this fine Eastlake style was Roger Simpson, a native of Scotland. Simpson lived here with his wife, Julia, a native of New York State and their two daughters, Margaret and Mary, for several years. Following the deaths of their parents, in the early 1880s, the daughters continued to live here. Margaret Simpson last appears in the City Directory in 1920, indicating that the Simpson family occupied the house continuously for at least 45 years. The house is one of Santa Barbara's best preserved examples of the Eastlake style.

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