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802 812 Anacapa St

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Designation Status: Designated City Landmark

Assessor Parcel Number: 031-011-014

Historic Name: El Presidio Building Guard House ADOBE

Constructed: 1840

Property Description:

The adobe portion of the building is at the corner of the building midblock of De La Guerra. The larger office building is a Structure of Merit. The guard house is white adobe with a hipped terra-cotta tile roof with a wide prominent adobe chimney on the De La Guerra elevation. The doors and windows on the De La Guerra elevation are deeply recessed. The windows are covered with iron rejas.

Architect: Unknown

Architectural Style: ADOBE

Property Type: Museum

Original Use:


Designated City of Santa Barbara Landmark (07/29/1983).

Incorporated into the center portion of the structure is the Miranda Adobe of 1840 so named for the building contractor who supervised Native Americans in building adobes in various parts of town. The El Presidio building is thought to incorporate the guardhouse of the Mexican period.

The structure is a City Designated Landmark as per the following Criteria: 1) the character, interest and value of the structure as a significant part of the heritage of the City. 2) Its location as a site of significant historic events. 3) Its exemplification of a particular architectural style and way of life important to the City. 4) Its unique location and singular physical characteristic representing an established and familiar visual feature of a neighborhood.

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